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What is an Annuity?

An annuity is simply an investment contract with an insurance company that has special tax benefits. An annuity can be an important investment in your portfolio but it is important to find the right annuity and annuity advisor for your given financial goal.

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Annuity Sales in $Billions:

Source: Variable Annuity: LIMRA International; NAVA and Morningstar, Inc.; NAVA Fact Book, 2011

Equity Indexed Annuities began to be marketed in the U.S. back in 1994. According to sales results of annuities sold from 1997 to 2007, Equity Indexed Annuities grew at record sales growth percentages (see Table).

For nine consecutive years the sales of Equity Indexed Annuities (EIA’s) increased each year. In 2006 EIA sales took a hit dropping by 7.05 percent to $25 billion from $27.3 billion in 2005, and remained flat in 2007.

However, EIA’s rebounded in 2008 with sales increasing to $26.5 billion.

Retirement Planning 101

As people get closer to retirement they should become more conservative with their investments. This is because their nest-egg is at its largest and is more vulnerable to market fluctuations.

Many studies show that running out of money is a very likely scenario for someone withdrawing money from an investment portfolio in a poor stock market.

For example, if you needed $20,000 per year for retirement from investments, you might have peace of mind knowing that the $20,000 could be guaranteed for both you and your spouse’s life. The alternative is to play the stock market and possibly run out of money.

Variable Annuities are bought much more than Index Annuities because they have more growth potential than Index Annuities, but also have more loss potential and greater fees.

Annuity Benefits
  • An annuity will guarantee that you never run out of money.
  • An annuity can guarantee your future retirement income will increase every year.
  • An annuity can protect your assets from creditors and probate.
  • An annuity can help you pass on more to your heirs.

Please note that annuities are just one piece of your financial puzzle, many other factors must be considered.

Some annuities are excellent guaranteed investments and are worth considering if you want to insure your retirement portfolio income will grow.

If you would like to learn more about guaranteeing your retirement income’s growth and longevity please give our annuity strategy team a call. Investment guidance is just a phone call away.

Annuities are investment contracts with insurance companies that have special tax incentives. There are four types of annuities to choose from. Choosing the right annuity for your unique financial situation should be done with the help of an experienced annuity advisor. There are many options to consider and many disastrous mistakes that can be made by inexperienced advisors.

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