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What Is Medicare?

Medicare is a household term in the states as it represents the fantastic state-funded health insurance package for people over 65 years of age or people who are either disabled or suffering with permanent kidney failure.

Coverage Under Parts A and B

Medicare coverage comprises of 2 parts, namely A and B, which are for hospital insurance and medical insurance respectively. While A covers inpatient care at hospitals and certain follow-up cares, B covers some doctor’s services fees and other fees that are not covered under A. In other words, B is the part that can help you with your support braces, prosteses, and diabetic supplies, medical and aid equipment, medical supplies, certain nursing facility and home health services and certain drugs such as anti-cancer medicines and immunosuppressive drugs (used for transplants). On the other hand however, claims for cosmetic surgeries, dental and custodial care, eye care, hearing aids, prescription drugs bought outside the US, orthopedic shoes and routine doctor’s examinations are not covered under plan B of this scheme.

Other Salient Features

Federal regulations require you to pay certain premiums and coinsurance fees if a family member or loved one is also eligible for its coverage. All this requires is for your loved one to get his a Medicare card and advise his doctor that he has one, this way the doctor will simply file his claims with Medicare and your loved one only needs to pay his share when he receives his statement. In fact, having other supplementary insurances such as Medigap coverage means that your loved one needs to pay even lesser shares of the total healthcare bills.

If you fall in the low-income category, you may even be eligible for state aid that can be used to pay for the premiums, coinsurance fees and other deductibles. To know more about these schemes, just contact your nearest Medicare office and get someone there to help you.

Other Options

Along with Parts A and B, this health care scheme has certain other helpful parts. It is best to drive down to a state center and arm yourself with information on all of them before you choose your plans./p>

Certain other Parts such as the Medicare Advantage Plan (C) and Prescription Drugs Plan (D) can be combined with parts A and B to get more comprehensive coverage. Part C is available to people through private companies and has several additional requirements. Similarly, private companies also administer Part D, though Medicare strictly regulates it. Under Part D you can either choose your drugs, your drug class or your drug tiers for coverage and hence this Part is known to be the most useful & flexible.

Considering how expensive health care really is in the United States, Government health care plans such as Medicare are no real surprise. Yet, health care is a purely personal requirement and hence it pays to understand the schemes completely so that you can chose the one that is most necessary and thus helpful for you.